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About Us

MEF has been in operation for the past six years and we are proud to have achieved a proven track record and firm footing in the maintenance service industry. MEF has been providing general maintenance, cleaning and carpet cleaning services clients in the city area for the past 6 (six) years. We will welcome your request for references from any of these organisations. MEF is a turn-key maintenance company, providing cost effective solutions. We provide exceptional service and workmanship at reasonable prices, utilizing an extensive network of highly qualified contractors and suppliers, in addition to our own competent staff, allowing us to perform a broad spectrum of maintenance and repair services. MEF is fully insured and we comply with all safety standards and requirements. MEF Provides responsive and timely service, as well as keeping to scheduled dates and times.
MEF provides availability within 24 hours for routine maintenance calls. We customize our product to suit the requirements of our clients. Our other services include carpet cleaning and pest control. Our staff is thoroughly trained in their required operations and safety measures. We aim to provide our clients with a professional and safe service. Our service charge is all inclusive of labour, materials, equipment, and products. We combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and direction to ensure a smooth and successful operation. We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued partner in improving and maintaining the appearance of your premises. Do not hesitate to call me directly on 073 392 2154 if you have any further questions, or need additional information as you review our proposal.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services which include:


  • MEF provides a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to preserve and enhance the value, life and beauty of retail, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Our staff have 10 years experience in maintenance.
  • All workmanship is guaranteed for one year from date of completion.
  • Services Offered: Shop fitting, Repair of laminated display cabinets / displays, Drawer repair and hardware replacement, Installation of interior and exterior doors, Installation of glass and Perspex, Complete floor care, Construction clean up, Electrical, Plumbing, Emergency services – Flood restoration, Floor repairs and replacement – Carpet, tile and wood, High dusting, Re- Lamping (light bulb changing), Window Cleaning, Cutting and installation of ceiling tiles, Installation and repairs of blinds, Installation of security and dressing room mirrors, Painting – interior and exterior,Roof repairs and waterproofing and General all-round maintenance services.


  • Contractual cleaning services caters for daily maintenance cleaning of your building, offices and common areas.
  • By entering into a fixed monthly cleaning contract, our clients will have peace of mind in the knowledge that all their essential needs are taken care of and are in line with their budget. Businesses will benefit from a healthier working environment and consequently reduced absenteeism. Our service charge is all inclusive of labour, materials, equipment, and cleaning products.


  • This entails specialist cleaning prior or post to occupation.
  • We provide our specialized cleaning service either as a value add-on to your regular cleaning contract with us, or on an ad-hoc basis should that be required.


  • We use the spray-extraction deep cleaning method: the approved method of carpet cleaning by the SABS and carpet manufactures.


  • We clean upholstery on all fabric-covered chairs, privacy screens, headboards and mattresses.
  • Our technicians have the correct training and knowledge along with access to professional products to ensure the best possible results are received.


  • We offer a variety of cleaning methods for different floor types including, tile, marble, wood and vinyl floors.
  • We use specialized equipment and chemicals to ensure the best results.


  • As part of our window cleaning operation we clean all windows on your premises up to 2 meters high. For windows that are higher than 2 meters and are in hard to reach places, we offer a specialized service.
  • This type of window cleaning uses specialized equipment to clean high and hard to reach windows.


  • We have an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) that prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies that will support a long-term solution.
  • IPM program may include, structural repairing maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques and pesticide application


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  • ADDRESS: P.O Box 5101 ,Tygervalley 7536
  • EMAIL: info@mefmaintenance.co.za
  • REGISTRATION NO: 2008/042332/23
  • CONTACT NO: 073 392 2154
  • CONTACT NO: TEL:021 556 9994